Your business starts with customers. Enable the best approach to engage, service, and learn from customers to extend your business. We have vast global experience with direct and indirect sales.
  1. Direct
    Your own account representatives can lead to the best results on customer engagement and service levels. But could also be the costliest to start. Define roles, hire, train and coach for success.
  2. Inside
    A leveraged approach reducing cost and increasing reach to customers. Define roles, hire, train and equip with effective sales guides and supporting resources.
  3. Outsourced
    Agencies can provide affordable and scalable services. We have negotiated worldwide contracts including KPIs, staffing, and incentives.
  4. Partner
    Partner sellers are key and will certainly have competing interests. Engaging, motivating and enabling is fundamental.
  5. Agents
    Agents typically will service a market for a commission percentage alone. High level agents can help build markets, and the right incentives and non disclosure agreements will help grow and protect your business.
  6. Online
    Enable sales online on your site or through third party sites, capture the right data, analyze and adjust for best business performance.