Set up and run your business with agility and the best Corporate practices
How and where to set up
There are many ways to set up operations. But what is the best approach, entity setup, and location?

We help assess all options including partnerships, representatives, or selecting the best legal entity and location for your business considering industry, tax and other key elements.

Once running, drive the Rhythm of your business to stay on track with your plans and move ahead.
  1. Partnerships
    Partnerships are a great way to leverage local expertise and operations. Alignment to your own interests and needs must be carefully assessed based on your cost benefit.
  2. Representatives
    Representatives are responsible end to end for your products and services and will thus have a percentage of all income.
  3. Direct presence
    You can set up local operations including different legal entity options, an office, employees, and finance and operations. Depending of the stage of your business you can start here or decide to set up after you sign your first customers. Select your best location based on ease of doing business, proximity to customers and partners, and costs inducing tax, salaries, office and other. Choose the best legal entity that will allow you to set up well from the start, consider partnerships and investors, as well as requirements such as local citizen involvement.
  4. Service from abroad
    This can be an option initially depending on customer interests and possibilities, and legal and tax considerations like retained fees and earnings.
  5. Legal and financial
    Set up in the best possible way, with bullet proof entities that project into your future growth and provide the benefits and flexibility your business needs. Enable financial systems and vehicles for success, with the right advice and support.
  6. Cultural and Other
    There are many other considerations such as culture, language and others you need to consider in making your decision.