About Us
We offer extensive experience developing technology businesses worldwide,  exploring, developing and growing in new markets, reducing time, cost and risk.

Our specialty is software, cloud, services, devices and technology in public sector, education, and commercial customers, enabling partnerships through a strong network at Microsoft and other global companies.
With a network of likeminded professionals providing global coverage, with regional and local support, we help land your business with expertise and contacts for prompt success.

We speak English, Spanish and a bit of Portuguese, and are working to increase the number of languages and cultures we serve. Stay tuned!
  1. Latin America
  2. North America
The Team
  1. Erik Goldenberg
  2. Legal
    We work with law firms experienced in international business, intellectual property, and enabling reliable customer and partner relationships.
  3. Financial and Tax
    We work with CPA and tax firms experienced in international business, ensuring efficient structures to start and grow.
  4. Agents
    Our company leads a network of like minded professionals extending services in America, EMEA and Asia.
  5. Investors
    Access Venture Capital and Investment companies specialized in technology.
  6. Javier Paramo - Advisor
    Javier has extensive experience in the technology space in global strategy, sales, partnerships and product, with special interests in the IoT, AI and Digital Transformation space.
  7. Jean deRubens
    With over 20 years experience leading global teams across very large organizations, Jean is experienced in sales, customer relationships, leadership coaching, sales process deployment, partner strategy, go-to-market strategy programs, and talent management.